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Vacancy title Location Closing Date
HK - Corporate Services Officer, A2(L) Hong Kong SAR 2021/09/28 11:55PM HKT
MNL - Vice Consul, B3 (L) Manila 2021/09/28 11:55PM PST
BK - Projects and Political Officer, B3 (L) Bangkok 2021/09/28 11:55PM +07
Communications Officer B3 (03/21 DAR) Dar Es Salaam 2021/09/28 11:55PM EAT
Senior Trade Advisor - Defence, Security & Tech (NLD21.392) The Hague 2021/09/28 11:55PM CEST
Senior Trade Adviser Casablanca 2021/09/28 11:55PM +01
Corporate Services Officer Kingston 2021/09/28 11:55PM EST
Prosperity Intern /Panama City Panama City 2021/09/28 11:55PM EST
AUS (Sydney) - Pro Consul, A2 (L) (Part-Time) Sydney 2021/09/29 11:55PM AEST
AUS (Perth) - Programme Coordinator and Executive Assistant, A2(L) Perth 2021/09/29 11:55PM AWST
HK - Pro-Consul A2(L) Hong Kong SAR 2021/09/29 11:55PM HKT
Assistant to HMRC Fiscal Crime Liaison Officer (Maternity Cover) (BGR21.415) Sofia 2021/09/29 11:55PM EEST
Estates Support Assistant (Maintenance) (SWE21.422) Stockholm 2021/09/29 11:55PM CEST
Oil & Gas and Maritime Industries Intern Rio De Janeiro 2021/09/29 11:55PM -03
Information Management and MREL Intern Bogota 2021/09/29 11:55PM -05
Office Manager – NCA Ecuador Quito 2021/09/29 11:55PM CDT
KL - Programmes Finance & Administrative Officer, B3(L) Kuala Lumpur 2021/09/30 11:55PM +08
Country Based Entry Clearance Officer, B3, Multiple Vacancies, New Delhi New Delhi 2021/09/30 11:55PM IST
Residence Housekeeper (LVA21.416) Riga 2021/09/30 11:55PM EEST
SRR - CTEN Local Affairs Officer B3(L) Riyadh 2021/09/30 11:55PM +03
Internship DIT (ESP21.414) Bilbao 2021/09/30 11:55PM CEST
Residence Assistant (NLD21.423) The Hague 2021/09/30 11:55PM CEST
Driver - (05/21 DAR) Dar Es Salaam 2021/10/01 11:55PM EAT
Regional Communications Manager Sao Paulo 2021/10/01 11:55PM -03
Facilities Services Manager - Mechanical & Electrical (RUS21.417) Moscow 2021/10/03 11:55PM MSK
Security Guard (EST21.426) Tallinn 2021/10/03 11:55PM EEST
Communications Policy Officer (BEL21.431) UK Joint Delegation to NATO, Brussels 2021/10/03 11:55PM CEST
Executive Assistant to the Consul General Houston 2021/10/03 11:55PM CDT
Deputy Country Director – Department for International Trade C5 (21/21 ADD) Addis Ababa 2021/10/04 11:55PM EAT
Marshall Scholarship Administrative Assistant Houston 2021/10/04 11:55PM BST
Infrastructure Advisor C4 (15/21 ACC) Accra 2021/10/04 11:55PM GMT
Communications Officer Stanley 2021/10/04 11:55PM -03
Communications Assistant UK Mission to the United Nations, New York 2021/10/04 11:55PM EDT
Corporate Services Officer (KGZ21.433) Bishkek 2021/10/05 11:55PM +06
Estates Manager (SWE21.421) Stockholm 2021/10/05 11:55PM CEST
Political Affairs Officer Port au Prince 2021/10/05 11:55PM EDT
CGZ - Residence Manager, A2 (L) (Part-time) Guangzhou 2021/10/06 11:55PM CST
Consular Officer, B3, New Delhi New Delhi 2021/10/06 11:55PM IST
Senior Political Adviser (Foreign Policy)- C4, Islamabad Islamabad 2021/10/06 11:55PM PKT
Security Officer (CVP21.428) Nicosia 2021/10/06 11:55PM EEST
Security Officer/ Driver (CVP21.427) Nicosia 2021/10/06 11:55PM EEST
Senior Economics Officer (ROU21.424) Bucharest 2021/10/06 11:55PM EEST
Executive Assistant to the NI Bureau Director Washington 2021/10/06 11:55PM EDT
ROK - Science and Innovation Officer, A2 (L) Seoul 2021/10/07 11:55PM KST
KL - General Assistant Household Service, S3(L) Kuala Lumpur 2021/10/07 11:55PM +08
TW - Science and Innovation Officer, A2(L) Taipei 2021/10/07 11:55PM CST
Administration and Finance Assistant (BEL21.418) Brussels 2021/10/07 11:55PM CEST
Community Liaison Officer Washington 2021/10/07 11:55PM EDT
Executive Assistant to the Consul General Toronto 2021/10/07 11:55PM EDT
MYR - Consular Assistant / Pro-Consul, A2 (L) Yangon 2021/10/08 11:55PM +0630